• Inter-Uni Football Tournament 2014 Day #4 Results

    Group A: HELP 6-0 UniMy, PTPL 0-3 TARUC (walkover), AMU 0-2 UM JR, SEGi 0-2 Taylor's
    Group B: IUKL 5-0 KBU, GMI 1-0 INTI, MSU 3-0 UTAR (walkover), UNITEN 3-0 CITYU

  • Inter-Uni Football Tournament 2014 Day #3 Results

    Group A: TARUC 2-1 SEGi, UM JR 1-2 HELP, AMU 0-3 Taylor’s, PTPL 2-4 UniMy
    Group B: INTI 0-1 UNITEN, UTAR 0-4 IUKL, MSU 1-1 CITYU, GMI 1-0 KBU

    Man of the Match Day #3
    Haris Bin Mohd Zainuddin (TARUC), Amos Ariik Awuou (HELP), Mohammed Abdullah Mohammed Al-Sabri (Taylor's), Muhammad Umar Luqman Bin Darul Azahar (UniMy), Harjun Thevan Ganditasan (UNITEN), Mohamed Efadil (IUKL), Muhammad Khudri Bin Mohd Khir (CITYU), Shahrul Amerul Bin Zakaria (GMI)

    Top Goalscorers
    4 goals: Haris Bin Mohd Zainuddin (TARUC), Farid Haikal (IUKL)
    3 goals: Amos Ariik Awuou (HELP), Mohamed Efadil (IUKL), Shamsu Abdullahi (IUKL), Shahrul Amerul Bin Zakaria (GMI), Mohd Hafiz Bin Kader (AMU)
    2 goals: Muhd Isyraq Bin Amiruddin (Taylor's), Mahesh K. Shagar (Taylor's), Mohamad Shakirin Bin Mohamad Saadon (PTPL), Muhammad Umar Luqman Bin Darul Azahar (UniMy), Prem Raj A/L Fransis (KBU), Chang Guo Pin (TARUC)

  • Inter-Uni Football Tournament 2014 Day #2 Results

    Group A: Taylor's 1-0 UM, PTPL 0-3 SEGi (walkover), UniMy 0-5 AMU, HELP 1-0 TARUC
    Group B: CITYU 0-3 UTAR (walkover), GMI 2-2 UNITEN, KBU 1-2 MSU, IUKL 3-0 INTI

    Man of the Match Day #2
    Mahesh K. Shagar (Taylor's), Yogeswaran Arumugam (AMU), Paveen Moorthy (HELP), Hsameldin Hamza (UNITEN), Muhammad Nur Daniel B. Madzir (MSU), Mohamed Efadil (IUKL)

    Top Goalscorers
    3 goals: Mohd Hafiz Bin Kader (AMU), Farid Haikal (IUKL)
    2 goals: Mahesh K. Shagar (Taylor's), Shahrul Amerul Bin Zakaria (GMI), Prem Raj A/L Fransis (KBU), Mohamed Efadil (IUKL), Shamsu Abdullahi (IUKL), Chang Guo Pin (TARUC), Haris Bin Mohd Zainuddin (TARUC), Amos Ariik Awuou (HELP)

  • Inter-Uni Football Tournament 2014 Day #1 Results

    Group A: TARUC 4-0 UniMy, Taylor's 2-0 PTPL, AMU 0-4 HELP, SEGi 0-0 UM
    Group B: INTI 0-1 KBU, CITYU 0-3 GMI, MSU 0-4 IUKL, UNITEN 3-0 UTAR (walkover)

    Man of the Match Day #1
    Chang Guo Pin (TARUC), Mahesh K. Shagar (Taylor's), Amos Ariik Awuou (HELP), Gafurov Sherzod (SEGi), Prem Raj A/L Fransis (KBU), Syazwan Zaim Bin Rahim (GMI), Farid Haikal (IUKL)

    Top Goalscorers
    2 goals: Chang Guo Pin (TARUC), Haris Bin Mohd Zainuddin (TARUC), Amos Ariik Awuou (HELP), Farid Haikal (IUKL)
    Top Goalkeepers
    1 clean sheet: Lee Chee Yong (TARUC), Patrick Ian Buchanan (Taylor's), Sho Sato (HELP)

    Yellow Card
    2 yellow cards in a game: Muhammad Qahhar Bin Abul’as (Taylor's) - 1 game ban
    Red Card
    1 red card for violent conduct: Daniel Raj Dhairianathan (Taylor's), Muhammad Najmudin Bin Mokhtar (PTPL) - 3 games ban

    Violent conduct will not be tolerated in this tourney as players are representing their respective universities & colleges. All Manager's have been warned of this during the Manager's Meeting. We will begin imposing a fine of RM300 per Red Card beginning from this weekend. All decisions made by the Technical Director is Final. Please inform all your players ASAP.

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Inter-Uni Football Tournament Day #2

By Kakibola.com Team

Inter-Uni Tourney Day 2

Inter-Uni Tournament Day #2

Tomorrow’s round of action for the Inter-Uni Football Tourney 2014:

League Matches Day #2
Group A: Taylor’s VS UM JR (3 p.m – 4 p.m)
Group B: CITYU VS UTAR (3 p.m – 4 p.m)
Group A: PTPL VS SEGi (4 p.m – 5 p.m)
Group B: GMI VS UNITEN (4 p.m – 5 p.m)
Group A: UniMy VS AMU (5 p.m – 6 p.m)
Group B: KBU VS MSU (5 p.m – 6 p.m)
Group A: HELP VS TARUC (6 p.m – 7 p.m)
Group B: IUKL VS INTI (6 p.m – 7 p.m)

So far none of the teams that conceded first are able to mount a comeback. Will we witness something different tomorrow evening? Head to Astaka Football Field to find out.

Inter-Uni Football Tournament 2014 Kicks Off

By Kakibola.com Team

The coolest football tournament in town, the Inter-Uni Football Tournament 2014 will kick off this Sunday. We are really stoked about it and hope you are too! The matches in store for you are:

Inter-Uni Tourney Day 1

Inter-Uni Tournament Day #1

League Matches Day #1
Group A: TARUC VS UniMy (8 a.m – 9 a.m)
Group B: INTI VS KBU (8 a.m – 9 a.m)
Group A: Taylor’s VS PTPL (9 a.m – 10 a.m)
Group B: CITYU VS GMI (9 a.m – 10 a.m)
Group A: AMU VS HELP (10 a.m – 11 a.m)
Group B: MSU VS IUKL (10 a.m – 11 a.m)
Group A: SEGi VS UM (11 a.m – 12 p.m)
Group B: UNITEN VS UTAR (11 a.m – 12 p.m)

See you there this Sunday at Astaka Football Field for a fun-filled morning of action and football.

Protect the Goal Day 1

By Kakibola.com Team

“Protect the Goal” is an initiative to raise awareness on HIV/AIDS among kids through the power of football, by the Asian Football Confederation (AFC), United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) and Asian Development Bank (ADB). We are honored to assist them in documenting their effort as they ventured from community to community throughout the nation. The maiden session took place at Johan Cruyff Pitch KLFA, Brickfields, KL. Continue reading

Presenting the “12th Man”

By Kit Lim

12th Man The Team 3

Left-Right Standing: Gerrard, Andy, Keshika, Samuel, Kit. Left-Right Sitting: Reuben, Saarvindran

Kakibola.com will be partnering with UK-based Unorthodox Football to produce a Youtube programme called “12th Man: Bringing You Real Football”, a brand new football show that aims to bring you insight on today’s football industry, specially for the fans. Continue reading

Gameday: Rewarding Zero Paper Trail Gameplay

By Tiger FC

Tiger FC 1

Emcees Jun Yong and Jason Leong test out the Cheer Booth during Tiger FC Big Away Game.

Kuala Lumpur, 27 September 2014: Jotting your analysis on the outcome of a football match on pieces of paper is just so passé. In a strategic move for the 2014/15 football season, Tiger FC has upgraded its conventional method by sponsoring a game-changing digital platform aptly named, Gameday. Continue reading