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Looking for competitions, friendlies or teammates? Our profiles section of each country enables you to connect with people with similar interests leading to successful organisation of games and matches.

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Who is your favorite team and how did they performed last night? Where can we watch the highlights? When is their next match and predictions? You are now free to tackle any topics and set up gatherings and meetings here.

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The Inter-University Football Tournament (IUFT). University life does not have to be saddled with just homework and no play. Ideally, it should also incorporate teamwork, skills, sportsmanship and football!

For universities, we ensure your students get the game time they need. For sponsors, the IUFT is an unparalleled opportunity to promote your products or services to an audience of youths.

Relive the Inter-University Football Tournament.


All your shopping needs at one place. Browse through our catalogue of sport shoes and wares and make your purchase conveniently and safely. Our peer guided assistant will prevent you from getting lost for choice.

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We are a large community of sports fans and also home to sports events such as the Inter-University Football Tournament.
'Sport speaks to youth in a language they understand.' Nelson Mandela

As Mandela once said, sports has the power to change the world and unite people in a way that little else does. It can create hope where there was only despair and is more powerful than government in breaking down racial barriers.

Inspired by this in 2014, we successfully mobilised youths from 16 universities and colleges to participate in the Inter-University Football Tournament.

The idea behind this is to encourage youths to play the sport, foster camaraderie and friendship as well as to appreciate nature and the great outdoors.

As part of the eco-friendly programme, participants are encouraged to recycle bottles and cans at the venue and leave no trash behind, only happy memories.

Relive the Inter-University Football Tournament.

  • 16 University Teams & 400 Students
  • 5 Sponsors & 1 Partner
  • 32 Matches & 32 Hours of Fun
  • If you are a University, Referee, Medic, Technical Team, Event Organiser, Sponsor or Partner and interested to know more about the event, get in touch with us at

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