The New Season is Underway, the Arsenal Way

By Yong Yee Chong from

Arsene Wenger

“More signing before the transfer window closes?” — #OneArseneWenger

First-game-of-the-season win after so many years.

This is a season already filled with hope after Gooners witnessed four remarkable signings in the summer. We were all so worried as if Wenger would keep his wallet tight, as he was observed playing beach football in Rio during the World Cup. It happened that seductive pose by Le Professeur was a total disguise — enjoyed sunshine, kicked up some sand, then signed Debuchy, Sanchez, Ospina and Chambers. Continue reading

EPL: Top Teams Latest Arrivals (Ones to Watch) Part 1

By Wee Sen

Alexis Sanchez

Pic by

The World Cup is a couple of weeks past us and every football fan in the world is focusing on the transfer market now. However, some of the transfers have already been made even when the World Cup is ongoing with the likes of Alexis Sanchez moving in and Luis Suarez moving out of the Barclays Premier League. We will be looking at the most impactful transfer ins up-to-date that have been made by top Premier League clubs. Continue reading

8 Ways Malaysia Made It To The World Cup (Well, Sort Of)

By Matt Ho from

10 points for you if you managed to spot the Malaysian flag at the WC14 in Brazil. The words “Malaysia” and “World Cup” are rarely mentioned together in a sentence unless of course you live in a parallel universe where Malaysia hosted the 2014 World Cup. Believe it or not, our lil nation have played a tiny role in some of the WCs since the 90s’ (actually according to my grandpa it goes back much further but we couldn’t find substantial info cause it was during the B.C. ages… Before Candy Crush). Continue reading

Brazil: Shame of a Nation

By Asad Bisati


Brazilian fans demonstrating their displeasure against manager, Luiz Felipe Scolari during Brazil vs Netherlands match. Pic by Telegraph UK

A soulless and pathetic display by the hosts of this year’s World Cup. The lacklustre performance was nothing but a shame. The hosts were humiliated by Germany in the semi-final, with a 7-1 riot. Brazil have shown nothing since then, and the embarrassment faced by the Brazilians continued with a horrendous performance against the Dutch. Continue reading

If Malaysia Hosted The 2014 World Cup – 8 Scenarios Based On Past Incidents

By Matt Ho from

Yes that image was photoshopped, Leo Messi was busy in Brazil and Ah Jib Kor was in China getting his eggs boiled for 10 minutes. We did it because we’ve always wondered what will it be like if Malaysia qualified for the World Cup but we all know there’s a better chance of marrying a Muslim without converting. So instead, let’s imagine what it will be like if Malaysia hosted the WC14. Continue reading

Who Will Emerge From the ‘Group of Death’?

By Priyadashini Maganathan

World's best player right now. Pic by ESPN

World’s best player right now. Pic by ESPN

Heading into the last four group matches this coming Friday morning, some countries are happy with their results while others are not that thrilled about being eliminated (Spain, England, Italy). The result of Group G – in a not formal-but-understood-by-all term, the Group of Death – has yet to be determined and we examine the prospects of each team to progress to the last 16. Continue reading